Build-Your-Own Yogibo Beanbag Couch

We all know that Yogibo is the next generation of beanbag and brings lounging to a comfort level none of us thought possible. So what can we do to surpass that? The answer is the “Yogibo Mini Lounge Set”!

What is the Mini Lounge Set?
Two Yogi Maxes and a Yogi Roll is all you need to create the “crazy-comfy” Mini Lounge Set. Simply stack the Yogi Maxes on top of one another to create a high couch using the roll as a back support or put the Yogi Maxes end-to-end for plenty of room for everyone and use the roll as a footrest.

Yogibo Mini Lounge Set

It’s a great spot for family movie night or game day! But that’s not all you can do… As quick as this “Yogi couch” assembles, you can take it apart and use it as two beds or two recliners, perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to share*.

Can your couch do all that?
The whole party set is lightweight— about 40lbs. With the Mini Lounge Set being easy to set up and take down you can quickly get the pieces out of the way, by standing them up to store them. This means it’s a great fit for the basement, family room, TV room or even a living room. And yes we did say ‘Mini’, which means it has a big brother. Wait until you hear about the Full Size Lounge Set… Just another level of awesomeness coming soon from Yogibo.

With a perfect spot for everyone, your house will be the only place to be for your family and friends!

*Although here at Yogibo we know ‘sharing is caring’ we can definitely understand people who don’t like to share their Yogibo!

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